Welcome to Visalista! 

Follow these ideas when using Visalista:

  • Read carefully and only apply to jobs that you qualify for.
  • Make sure that you understand the sponsorship requirements.
  • Review your documents before submitting them.

We’re excited to guide you through the process of obtaining a School Sponsorship and help you pursue your dream of teaching in the United States. Here are the three ways we can assist you:

1) Connecting with Schools:  

Based on your profile and attachments, we’ll connect you with districts actively seeking international educators. Your resume will be shared directly with school districts and/or sponsors. If you haven’t uploaded your documents yet, ensure you attach your resume, cover letter, and college transcripts to your profile. 

2) Job List:  

You can apply directly to positions listed in our Job List. Explore openings posted by schools along with specific application instructions. Contact recruiters via the provided email address or our messaging platform after logging into your account. Our tools also allow you to track your applications and favorite positions. Schools and sponsors will provide information upfront about any required fees, requirements, and paperwork.

3) Assistance with School Sponsorship:  

If you’ve found a school interested in hiring you but they need help with the J-1 Visa process, we’re here to assist. We’ll match you with an OFFICIAL sponsor designated by the government. This option is ideal if you’re interested in working in a specific city or region. Simply share the school’s contact with us, and we’ll handle the rest. Explore teaching openings in our Teacher Resources section or on broader platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Monster. Costs and paperwork requirements will depend on agreements between the school/district and the sponsor.

You’re welcome to try all three options simultaneously to maximize your chances of finding a sponsoring school in the United States. Ensure your profile looks professional, as many districts also use our system to discover teachers.


At Visalista.com, we understand the importance of presenting your qualifications and experience accurately and effectively in English, especially when applying for teaching positions abroad. Our team of experienced translators specializes in transforming your documents into polished, error-free English, ensuring that your credentials shine on any application.

Whether you need assistance with translating academic transcripts, diplomas, certifications, or crafting compelling resumes and cover letters, our dedicated team is here to help. We guarantee accurate translations that capture the essence of your qualifications and professional background, helping you stand out in a competitive job market.

To take advantage of our translation services, simply send your documents to translations@visalista.com, and our team will handle the rest. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality translations with a quick turnaround time, so you can focus on pursuing your teaching career with confidence.

Don’t let language barriers hold you back from achieving your professional goals. Trust Visalista.com to provide you with the translation support you need to succeed in your teaching journey abroad.


Remember, to obtain a J-1 Visa, you MUST:

  • Meet qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in your country of origin or last legal residence.
  • Work as a teacher in your home country or legal residence at the time of application, or meet eligibility qualifications and have recent advanced degree completion and teaching experience.
  • Hold a degree equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree in education or the academic subject field you intend to teach.
  • Have at least two years of teaching experience in a formal education setting.
  • Meet U.S. state standards for teaching.
  • Have a good reputation and character.
  • Intend to teach full-time as a teacher of record at a primary or secondary accredited educational institution in the U.S.
  • Be proficient in English.
  • Have the financial means to cover relocation expenses.

Thank you for your interest! Happy Job Hunting!

Warm regards,
Visalista Team